Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Munchies + Music

Another week at Galliott Studios brings exciting new things for our customers to try out. The next two days are sure to fill your stomach and soothe your soul.

Tonight, we have Chef Jason from the Bonne Bay Inn presenting us with a unique culinary experience: halibut ramen. Very soon, local ingredients will add a twist to a traditional Japanese dish that’ll surely make your tastebuds happy! Most importantly, the event is BYOB - bring your own bowl. Chef Jason will have full control of Galliott Studios as he presents us with a culinary experience, so be sure to get down as soon as possible. :)

Tomorrow (Wednesday, July 26th) we’re having another musical appearance in the form of Earle and Coffin. This duo is one of Newfoundland’s most prevalent young groups, winning national awards and gaining high praise. Their music draws inspiration from blues greats, such as Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters. Soulful vocals and skilled guitar playing are but two aspects of an artfully constructed performance. Need your blues fill? Then visit us here at the Studio! If you buy in advance, tickets are $10; if you wait and purchase at the door, they’ll be $15.

We’ve got you covered this week! Between the scrumptious food or amazing music, what else could you ask for?

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Better Bee Excited!

You better "bee" excited, as we've got a new product in store!

Coming from Tuck's Bee Better Farm Inc., we now carry a trio of delicious treats. First up is their staple: honey! Using honey from Newfoundland bees, it's mixed with cranberries (to increase the level of antioxidants and improve flavor) and bottled. Because Newfoundland is one of the few places in the world that does not treat its honeybees with antibiotics or chemicals, this honey is some of the purest in the world! We're also a vendor for their new honey-infused cranberry juice and partridge berry sauce - can you say tasty? Either is a great, organic addition to spice up any meal.

Our favorite part of Tuck's products is that they're entirely local! Everything in their products comes from on the island, and most of it - if not all - is created or pollinated by their bees. The honey we sell in the shop is even a mix of both Bonne Bay and Grand Falls-Windsor bee's honey!

We're also announcing a new Instagram project! From henceforth, we encourage all visitors who have purchased something from us, to share their photos of where said products are now; whether it be across the Atlantic or down the street, we want to see where our products - especially our cherished little jellyfish - end up. :)

We'll "bee" waiting to see what everyone has to share!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Tonight's Music

This week at Galliott Studios, we’re kicking it off with a bang! We welcome Peter Willie Youngtree underneath our roof to perform this Sunday night. It’s only $10 for entrance, so why not spend the evening with us and an amazing musician?

Peter is a Newfoundland artist, having grown up in a family of traditional folk singers. His style portrays his ancestry, utilizing old folk and country motifs in combination with modern sounds. Peter’s lyrics are praised as well, having been called “contemplative” and “vividly written”. This unique style has earned him high praise, put his music on top of the charts, and allowed him to perform with famous artists. Together with his backing band, “The Blooms,” Peter is now recording his second album. 

His show starts at around 8:30 tonight, so finish up supper in time to come down!

You can visit his Instagram and Twitter by searching for @pwyoungtree, and Facebook by simply searching his name. 

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Say Cheese!

Galliott Studios has made another new addition to our stock of local brands and artists this year: the delicious products of Five Brothers Cheese.

Five Brothers Artisan Cheese has grown into the sole producer of cheese in Newfoundland and Labrador. They create and sell a selection of fine product, including both aged and fresh cheeses. And, most importantly, they use 100% Newfoundland milk - staying local!

In the shop, we carry four of Five Brother's products, all as tasty and scrumptious as the last. Most popular are the Bergy Bits cheese curds, which everyone loves pairing with a homemade poutine. The curds usually sell out fast, so visit as soon as the latest shipment comes in! You won't regret it.

We also carry some of their block cheeses, including the White Fleet Queso Fresco, Avalon Cheddar, and Logy Bay Jack with Chilis. Each has its own characteristics which make it unique and delicious. You can buy it at the shop in a variety of sizes, and bring it home, or eat it straight off a cheese plate in-house! We're the only place on the west coast you can find this local brand.

You can find Five Brothers Artisan Cheese on many major social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Just look for @5broscheese, or search 5 Brothers Cheese, and you should find them.

On another note, you can now reach out to Galliott Studios on Instagram! Send us a photo of the shop, our products, or yourself enjoying the atmosphere, and you could end up on our page - just DM @galliottstudios1 on Instagram with your chosen photograph. We'll post it with a tag to you!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

New Beer on Tap!

As the sun stays longer and shows itself more often, Galliott Studios is open for business! This year, we've got a few new, exciting things that you'll love.

First up, we have beer from the Western Newfoundland Brewing Company on tap! Two taps are fixed brews with the names "Killdevil Pale Ale," and "Wild Cove Cream Ale." Tasty, eh? Our third tap will be more exciting; it'll be where we try out a plethora of new flavours throughout the summer. Anything new and delicious the brewmasters cook up will flow first from Galliott Studios' taps. Come down now and again to see what Jenn has in store!

Finally, check us out on our social media platforms! We're active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can find us on the former two by simply searching "Galliott Studios" on each website. For Instagram, our handle is @galliottstudios1: send us your favourite pictures of the shop or Bonne Bay and we'll post them there! Also, don't forget to keep checking us out here, on the blog. You'll know what's going on at the studio all the time. :-)

Don't forget to visit us this summer!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Artist Talk

This coming Wednesday (August 10th) at 7pm we will be hosting an artist talk with the new artist in residence.

Meet and chat with Gros Morne National Park artists-in-residence Caroline Cloutier and Martin Désilets (Montreal, QC). After their 6 weeks in residency here these two photographers will discuss how the parks landscape has inspired them and how they used the natural light and fog to shoot new photographs and video.

The artists would like to thank The Rooms, Gros-Morne National Park and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec for their support, Kirsten Ovarec and Cédric Davignon. Martin Désilets would also like to thank the Conseil des arts de Longueuil.

Caroline Cloutier — I am interested in the reflective function that inheres in specular and photographic images, and in their ability to evoke virtual spaces. During my strolls through the park, motifs will be selected for their textural poetry and for plays of light that they can set off at different times of day: an expanse of water, snow, cloud cover, or fog. This residency will be an opportunity to begin a new phase in my photographic research, using the mirror as a deconstructive device and as a way of staging the motifs that make up the park landscape.

Martin Désilets — My recent practice rests on an extensive examination of photography's fundamentals, and an exploration of its misuse(s). During my stay at Gros Morne Park, I will base my work on the territory’s singular, ever-changing ambient light and colours. At a remove from landscape art, isolating tenuous and ephemeral abstract events will enable me to subtly convey the park’s geological characteristics, its luminosity, and its immensity.

Credit for the visuals:

Caroline Cloutier, Déploiement 8, 2016. Digital print, 31 x 91 cm

Martin Désilets, La couleur du temps / 9.9 de 16860 secondes - working title (detail), 2016, digital print, 5 elements of 125 x 100 cm

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Navigation Pots and Microbrewery

Bit of a mishmash to start out the summer season.  (and a bit of insight into whats been happening)

Jenn has been working on new pottery obsessions with mapping and coordinates of where the pottery was made (back of the shop). 
As mentioned in the last post, the back pottery area has finally been insulated! So all the ideas tacked to the back wall can be completed in warmth.

Along with new hand painted pottery, as of mid-July-ish there will be a local beer on tap! The Western Newfoundland Brewing Company has just started and we are the official tap room. How did we manage to become the tap room for such a great local venture you ask? Well It helps that Jenn is part owner of the new set up. Because as busy as the summers are, there is a ridiculous lack of  winter employment in these parts. We are hoping this helps with some winter growth. 
Below is the breweries logo designed by Alli Johnson, you can check her out at  http://www.allijohnston.com/

The Studio will also be carrying locally printed shirts with the WNLBC logo.  Also on shirts,  artist renditions of "Murphy" the companies mersasquatch icon, the mythical creature is part aquatic/part land creature. 
Our first artist is Jessie Donaldson!  

Till next time!